24 February 2010

Tools You Should Have!!

Last holiday was great…both entertaining and taught me important lesson, with a hard way. When you planning an outdoor activity, you really should double check what you are carrying. You don’t want your long planned holiday come to disaster just because you missed a tiny detail like carrying a knife. A simple knife should be includes in your inventory, the difference will be great whether you brought it or not. Sog Specialty Knives is the best you can have, this is very good tool, even an amateur looks like pro…but any knives will do.

Your knife should be in a good condition. There is no reason you brought a rusty knife, now that I mention it. It can cause you disaster when you get cut with rusty knife, another disaster that you must throw away from your list. Sog Flash II is a good knife, my brother told me about this series. It has multi purpose toolkit and extra safety for it blades. It is good knife indeed, last time I checked it, and will be always a good knife. Even I can buy it on a local or online store, I want my brother’s knife, and there is something about it that attracts me. Maybe because this knife is my life saver, I was mention on the top that I learned something in a hard way. The knife saved me from snake attack, I do commit that I killed the snake, but it was only a matter of time whether me or that snake will die.

Maybe it looks simple and people often missed the importance of knife. Spyderco Delica’ is a good specialties knife. One should have it. If you brought it on a normal day, on a local street, maybe you will be questioned by cops why you have it. On an outdoor activity, a knife is one of primary tools that you should have it.

15 February 2010

Fit@Fifty : A Journey To The Everest Region

The Fit@Fifty Team : Nizar, Ade Rahmat, Paido, Djani, Tatap, Agung, Bedjo, Ichien, Ari and Manung.
We are a group of 10 people, with an average age of almost 50, with different work professions, but who share a common interest in outdoor activities, specially mountaineering, challenged ourselves to reach the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. The objective is to prove that we are physically fit enough to trek up to above 5000 meters above sea level. That’s why we called ourselves the Fit@Fifty Team. The whole journey took a total of 24 days of traveling which include 17 consecutive trekking days to complete the trekking adventure. The journey started from Jakarta on October 4, 2009, flew to Bangkok and stayed overnight. The next day we headed straight to Kathmandu (1400 m), the capital city of Nepal,.After stayed two nights in Kathmandu, we flew to Lukla (2840 m), using a 15 seats airplane. The trekking adventure started from Lukla and 17 days later back again to Lukla, which the adventure ended. This book is dedicated to our family members and all of our friends that have supported the Fit@Fifty Team in achieving our goals to reach the summit of Gokyo Peak (5357 m), Kalapatthar (5550 m), Island Peak (6189 m) and the Everest Base Camp (5364 m) in the Everest Region - Nepal, in October 2009.

12 October 2009

Learn Geology and Earthquake Experts

Earthquakes, (eruption) of the volcano, and tsunami caused long been fears and (once) admiration of the human mind, gave birth to myths, legends, and many Hollywood disaster movies. Today, advanced technology allows us to practice, measure, monitor, take samples, and the Earth and its motion mencitra like never before .... (Dr Ellen J Prager, "Furious Earth", 2000)

The earthquake was impressed by the more diligent earthquake visited the country. In the middle of the information age and the growing media industry, all things about the earthquake was present to the heart of the household. Parents, young people, and children who have been less (or even not) notice the earthquake problems fixed now much longer seen reporting from the disaster area via TV or read in print and online.

At first that appears is the fear, imagine what if the earthquake happened in his own city. Of course while also a sense of concern and care for the disaster. Next, from a sense of caring and fear had come too curious about the various aspects, concerning the causes of earthquakes, any earthquake-prone areas, whether earthquakes can be predicted, or how to reduce the lethal effect of the earthquake.

Perhaps it was an interesting start to the growing interest in the sciences associated with kegempaan, which some in the science of geology, as well as in its branches, such as seismology, and also in geophysics. Admittedly, until recently, the science is still often viewed with one eye, as a dry science and not much use to learn.

Now, with the frequent occurrence of earthquakes and the growing awareness that the country was on track earthquakes and volcanoes known as the Ring of Fire, the public increasingly aware of the importance of the sciences above.

It's not an earthquake will destroy the Indonesian people, except perhaps caused by the earthquake and tsunami due to cosmic archipelago area boxed by a large asteroid or comet. However, continually rocked by earthquakes, especially if no adequate study to minimize the effects can be exhausting and minds of the nation. Not to mention it must be admitted, there is a great loss of material each time an earthquake happens (or volcanic eruptions), plus the cost of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Geological knowledge through love, understanding and wisdom of the nature and behavior of the Earth increases. Next, disaster risks can be reduced, the victim can be minimized, and property loss can be suppressed.

Earth science

The focus of our discussion this time on the science of geology, who studied the composition, structure, processes, and the history of Earth. Scientists who defined the geology was Sir Charles Lyell in 1830. Since then, geological studies extended to other planets and satellites, which then was known as planetary geology. There are many branches of geology, including geophysics, who study the physics of Earth.

Through this science is the knowledge of the layers in the Earth, the crust or skin and coat, and the core. Which form the crust plates is apparently already moving here and there on the surface of the Earth since at least the last 600 million years, and could be for several billion years earlier (New York Public Library Science Desk Ref, 1995). Currently, each plate moves with different speeds, of which there is at 2.5 inches per year.

Scientists believe, in the past, about 250 million years ago, there was a large continent or superkontinen named Pangea (Pangea names proposed by the great geologist Alfred Wegener in 1915). Around 180 million years ago, it broke superkontinen, a Gondwanaland, or Gondwana, and Laurasia. Hypothetical continent Gondwana was formed from the unification of South America, Africa, Australia, India, and Antarctica. While Laurasia, composed of North America and Eurasia. Around 65 million years ago, about the extinction of dinosaurs, the two continental began to split up, slowly forming order as we see today.

There are interesting prediction: in 50 million years from now, the west coast of North America will be torn from the mainland (mainland), and-this he-Australia will move to the north and collided with Indonesia. While Africa and Asia will be separated in the Red Sea.

Interesting History

Now, as we increasingly recognize the importance of the natural sciences, earth, both also considered ways to develop interest. Do not let the irony of the current prolonged, in which countries in the Ring of Fire has only a small number of experts, as these days we read her profile in this journal. They worked in a number of educational and research institutions such as the ITB, UGM, LIPI and BPPT.

With a frequency of high earthquake news lately, also revealed a number of fundamental terms and theories in geology, such as the intensity of the quake in the Richter scale and about plate tectonics.

For the future

As the study of forests, climate, or vulcanology, scientists Indonesian seismologists have great opportunities to contribute in this great science because Indonesia is often referred to as a unique natural laboratory. This scientific contribution is not only limited to the meaning of science enrichment, but also related to the human future.

In the near term, and scientists interested seismologists may still feel compelled to answer fundamental questions like "Can we predict the occurrence of an earthquake?"

Currently the answer is "impossible" if what is meant is the prophesied "day, date, and what time an earthquake will happen". Because there is to know just which areas would be threatened earthquake in the next 20-30 years, in fact the work was waiting to prepare everything. Another goal is not to minimize the potential damage caused by the earthquake.

Let us welcome the challenge of the science of geology to increasingly understand the Earth and all its activities. We believe, with the increasing seismologists, will increasingly shrill voice that reminds people of Indonesia to remain alert against the movement of tectonic plates far below.

Source: NINOK LEKSONO (kompas.com)

30 September 2009

Enjoying The Overseas Vacation

Each year, a large number of families decide to vacation in the summer months. Have you and your family made the decision to plan a summer vacation this year? If you have, you are not alone. The first step in planning your summer vacation is not necessarily to choose a destination, but to choose scenery. Would you like to play water on the beach or visiting a historical place is up to you, but my personal advice is to choose the one that you have never been there yet.

Information and travel brochures can easily be found or ordered online. Brochures can be ordered from most large cities and popular vacation destinations in the United States or overseas, this way you can consider more carefully. If you want to try something new, you can always choose Siem Reap City on Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Siem Reap today, being a popular tourist destination, has a large number of hotels and restaurants. Most smaller establishments are concentrated around the Old Market area

Siem Reap is the fastest growing city in Cambodia. There also a charming one of the world’s heritage, The Angkor Temples. Having great attractions like that make Siem Reap transform become a tourism interest. Modern Hotels and great ancient architecture is a unique color for you to enjoy. It is easy to see that you have an unlimited number of options when it comes to choosing a summer vacation destination. Taking the time to seriously consider each destination may result in the vacation of your dreams.

24 September 2009

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of five mounts located within Tengger mountains on its sand sea.
Atractiveness of this mount is bat to the date it is still active and easily visited /ascended. This mount bromo tourism objec has a natural atraction that atrac visitor because of this unique natural phenomena in from of of a crater on the crater covered by sand sea.
The natural beauty and wondervul valley are vascinating panorama, plus ist serene atmosphere and peace we well fel while visiting this area. To get the peak of mount Bromo , we use prepared stairs /steps of concrete stuff. When we get the peak we will see Brome a large caving crater whit is smoke out of the bottom . it shows the vulcano is still active. From the peak we see / enjoy the view of brome crater whit ist thin cloudy smoke, and the backward side we can see the beautifullness land countains sand see whit its natural silhuets that very impresisive.
Its other atracctiveess, is that volcano is a place of afinal ritual ceremoni (kasada) of Tengger communlty that has is reprensented by throwing farming product like the fruits and grain onto Moutn Bromo crater. This ceremony has attrated tourists to see the annual ceremony.

12 February 2009

Choosing Web Hosting

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20 September 2008

Picture of Bromo

This is few photo from my personal collection... Very beautiful scenery. How do you think??

16 September 2008


Mountain Bromo is an active volcano and the most famous tourism spot on East Java. The name Bromo itself was came from Sansekerta or Ancient Javanese language, from one of Hindus’ Eldest God, Brahma. Bromo is 2.392 meter above sea water, and covered four areas, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang.

Bromo has a big crater, est 800 meter of diameter (north – south) and 600 meter (east – west). The red zone is circle shape between 4 km from the crater middle point. It also has a 10 kilometer wide sand desert around the mountain.

The journey starts from the west gate, Pasuruan through Tosari village to reach the main area. The sand desert is a tough one to beat, we can’t use ordinary vehicle unless we rent some jeep from local tourism services. Most of tourists take a hard step by foot, they said to climb the mountain and gain best experience, and we must use our own foot. This is the best way to witness the beautiful sunrise from the top of penanjakan. If your adventurous spirit is raging wildly within you can take a route from Malang city. You will pass small town Tumpang then Pronojiwo city and reach a conservative area. You will face an intersection which south path will leads you to ranu pane (Semeru Mountain) and north path will leads you to sand desert of Bromo. The intersection itself called Jemplang. This route is highly recommended for those who love climbing like they love themselves. The estimated time to reach the bromo is 3 hours as you will take the detour around Bromo. The Grand prizes will wait upon you and most tourists missed this one, the breath taking sabana and flower meadow behind the Bromo. Please take a note; never take this route on night or in a middle of thick mist, Very Dangerous.

For local tribe, Tengger, Bromo is sacred mountain. Every year, they held Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo ceremony. Take places on every full moon between 14 or 15 in Kasodo month (tenth month) according Javanese calendar.